My kids give a lot of cards - birthdays, holidays, teacher, thank you, invitations. Sometimes the homemade construction paper card looks good, but often it feels like a bit of an afterthought. I rarely buy store-bought cards - they are so expensive and are surprisingly ungreen. I do occasionally keep the cards we receive - the nice ones that are handmade. It might be fun for my kids to look back on these cards one day.

I also have a very crafty daughter who loves making things. I've probably purchased every craft kit out there. While fun to make, the end product often doesn't have a purpose, never mind all the little plastic bits that go with it. But I'd rather her make and create than sit and watch a screen, so I somewhat begrudgingly keep her crafting.

Creative Good stems from my desire for my kids to make gifts that convey how much they care about their friends and family while being eco-friendly. I especially love that making these cards keeps them busy and helps to instil kindness and gratitude in their hearts. It's a creative activity that doesn't require any prep or big mess to clean up, and when done, the materials and be recycled or reused.

I hope you enjoy making these cards as much as we do - it continues to surprise me how much joy comes from making a card. Rest assured that we carefully consider all the materials we use and do our best to use the most environmentally sensitive option. I'm tired of all the kids' products made and packaged with plastics, especially when they don't need to be.

Creatively Yours,